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Art recs: paintedspires

There was so much awesome art posted for paintedspires. If you weren't following it, you should go over and take a look at everything. These are my top favorites (in order of posting):

The Electric Things Have Their Life Too by steammmpunk
John and Rodney as cyborgs. I love the ephemeral quality of this, with the thin lines and light coloring. The actual cyborg parts and cords and stuff reminds me a lot of Ghost in the Shell.

Ever Dance with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight? by astridv
Ronon and Todd ambushing a group of Wraith. This has a really neat comic book style to it.

Enchanted Atlantis by le_mot_mo
This is a movie poster for a John/Rodney version of Enchanted. I was initially frightened by the very thought, but it's really, really awesome. They've got the Disney style down well, and I love how the animated half of the poster blends so perfectly with the photographic half.

Zelenka & His Pokémon by witchwaif
It's Zelenka as a Pokemon scientist! They got the Pokemon style down really well.

SGA-Noir by leyna55
John, Rodney, Elizabeth, Ronon, and Teyla as detectives. I love the drawings (especially Ronon), and the fact that the artist made a bunch of cheesy-looking novel covers to go along with it.

On a Rainy Afternoon (Naptime) by renisanz
This is just a really cute Ronon/Keller drawing. I like the coloring a lot.

It's a Strange World by steammmpunk
Steampunk!Rodney done in a kind of woodblock print style. I really love the gears.

Muppet: Atlantis by astridv
The team as muppets! They look really great, especially John. (There are also icon-sized pics of other cast members, though the quality isn't as good as the main drawing.)

Regency AU by leyna55
The main focus is on John and Rodney, but there are lots of other cast members as well. The costumes look great.

Seasons in Atlantis by _phoon_
Four art nouveau illustrations, one for each team member. These are really beautiful.

Sheppard & Steampunk!Puddlejumper by ratcreature
This looks like an illustration out of a children's book about John the wacky inventor/pilot.

'Twas Brillig by crysothemis
John fighting the Jabberwocky. The level of detail in this is amazing. It looks like a cover illustration for a fantasy novel.

Visual Music by bingeling
Punk teenager!Teyla! I love the grass and the "music" and her clothing and just everything. It's all so sharp and clean.

Stargate: Atlantis (1974) by _phoon_
This is done in the style of a '70s sci-fi comic or magazine. Really awesome.
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