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Multi-Fandom Transfic Master List


As you have probably noticed, the list is no longer here. Instead, I have moved it to delicious, which makes it much, much easier for me to keep it updated.

It will also make it easier for you, if you have a delicious account yourself. You can add me to your network and thus be notified immediately when the list is updated! You can also use delicious to send me links that I don't yet have on the list by putting "for:transfic" when you save a link (of course you can also comment here same as always). Please do not hesitate to link your own fic.

What Qualifies for the List?

The list includes fics with both canonically and non-canonically trans characters. So far canonically trans characters are not as well-represented, so if you know of any fics that aren't on the list, please comment and let me know. The character must be either the main character or one of the main characters of the fic. Mentions or walk-ons don't count.

In terms of non-canonically trans characters, I am only taking fics that are explicitly about trans people. Traditional "genderswap" fics don't count, nor do "always a girl/boy" AUs.

Despite the name of the list, I also accept fics about characters who are (canonically or not) genderqueer or intersex. However, I will not accept "hermaphrodite" fics. I use that word because that genre has nothing to do with actual intersex people, but is rather based on a fantasy of what a "hermaphrodite" is like.


I hope the tagging system is fairly easy to follow. Tags for fandom and author should be self-explanatory. Following is a list of other tags I use, by bundle:

Type: Canon/noncanon refers to the status of the trans (or genderqueer or intersex) character. It does not imply anything about the fic itself (such as canon vs. AU), but simply is there to let people sort between stories about canonically trans characters and those who are written as trans in fic. I have divided the trans category into MtF (male to female) and FtM (female to male), again, so that people can sort for one or the other.

Length: The length divisions I use are short short (under 1000 words), short story (1000 to 7500 words), novelette (7500 to 20,000 words), novella (20,000 to 50,000 words), and novel (50,000 words or more). Series are tagged as such, rather than listing each fic in the series individually.

Warnings: These are not what fandom traditionally calls warnings, but rather are extra info people might want to know. So far the three tags are WiP for works-in-progress (usually abandoned series), broken link for stories that have been deleted or locked since I added them, and potentially offensive for stories that may be offensive. This can refer to the story itself or the headers and/or author commentary. However, I have not read every story on the list (and probably never will, since many are in fandoms I don't know). If you read a story and feel it is offensive, please comment and let me know and I will tag it as such.


I review everything I read, and I have read/plan to read a lot of the stories on the list. If I have published a review, I will link to it in the comment box.

Please feel free to comment with any further questions (or to link to stories not on the list).

ETA: I have been receiving so much spam on my LJ that I am no longer allowing anon comments. If you want to comment anon, please do so on the Dreamwidth version of this post.
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